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Aquaphobia can usually be traced to a single incident in a person's life in which he or she panicked in the water. Tales of personal horror range from being tossed into the deep end of a pool as a child to surviving the sinking of a seagoing vessel as an adult. Sunsational Swim School is the premier provider of at-home, private adult swimming lessons in America. Whether you're an adult beginner dipping your toe into the pool for the first time, working to overcome a fear of water, or are seeking advanced swim training to complete the 1500 meter swimming split of a triathlon, we’ll be with you every stroke of the way to get you to your goals!5/5(479).

Causes of Aquaphobia. Nearly 19.2 million Americans suffer from different specific phobias of which Aquaphobia is a type. The roots of this phobia can be traced to prior traumatic incidents with water, where one might have almost drowned, or was pushed into a water body as a prank, or fallen off a boat or deck.Author: Jacob Olesen. Jul 11, 2017 · While these tips can help children or adults overcome Aquaphobia – swimming lessons are the best way to learn techniques to tread water and swim safely. Click here to find a certified adult swim instructor in your area.

Teaching anyone from beginners with aquaphobia & basic stroke mechanics, to advanced life-saving techniques at pools in Fairfield and Benicia, California Debbie’s Swim School was founded in 1992. Where experience meets excellence! Teaching adults and children for over 25 years. The original in adult swim lessons. Contact Info. 325. Sep 04, 2014 · BUY THE DVD.Aquaskills Swim School produced a film titled "Aquaphobia You Are Not Alone overcoming Fear of Water©". Learning to Swim as an Adult: 5 Things to Practice - .