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Aspiro is the pioneer of Wilderness Adventure Therapy offering short-term, intermediate treatment options for teenagers and young adults. Our intensive outdoor treatment program is residential in nature providing multidisciplinary treatment solutions that are safe, effective, and clinically sophisticated. blueFire PulsaR is a cutting edge wilderness therapy program designed to reset motivation and personal goals for young adults ages 18-28. We help young adults who seek positive change and a jump start towards happiness and success.4.5/5(17).

Adventure Therapy Programs for Young Adults. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a top-notch adventure and wilderness therapy program offering Adventure Therapy to at-risk young men and women who are battling alcohol abuse and/or anger issues. Adventure therapy can be a valuable addition to addiction and mental health rehab programs for young adults. Learn more: visit us or call 866-457-7426.

Adventure therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic approach which utilizes the powerful healing properties of the outdoors to promote change and growth within individuals. Young adults can especially benefit from this programming because it completely removes them from the distractions and of their life at home and allows them to focus on their own personal growth and healing.4.5/5(17). Nov 10, 2015 · Wilderness Adventure Therapy programs have become increasingly prevalent over the past few decades. The popularity that these outdoor therapeutic programs have gained is due to their success in helping adolescents and young adults who are grappling with various mental health, emotional, behavioral, and developmental issues.Location: Aspiro Group, Inc, 63 East 11400 South #186, UT 84070, Sandy.