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Commercial seed strips, while handy, are not always available in the variety you are interested in planting. Make your own seed-starting strips to keep your favorite veggies growing on the. Planting seeds with the kids is sometimes a frustrating experience. With larger seeds like beans and squashes, I can follow behind to tuck in or move misplaced seeds. With small seeds like carrots and lettuce, well, ARGH! Seed strips to the rescue! A seed strip, or seed tape, is a simple way to get small seeds spread out (almost) properly.Author: Amy.

How to Make Your Own Seed Tape. mark the proper spacing for your seeds of choice on the strips. Label each strip at one end with the type of seeds to be put on it. Set these aside. I’m working with a school on a community garden and this is perfect to control the seed planting. Jul 04, 2009 · Certain vegetables such as carrots, radishes, and onions have very tiny seeds that are difficult to sow. Usually you end up getting way too many seeds per hole and have to do a lot of thinning once the seeds have sprouted. One very easy solution for this problem is to create seed tapes for planting those tiny seeds.