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Cannot determine size of graphic. If I have to manually set some measurements of the image, please tell me how I can find out those measurements. I need the image to take up about 80% of text width and be centered. Thanks. Feb 17, 2016 · Board index LaTeX Graphics, Cannot determine size of graphic when inserted a pdf ima Topic is solved. Post by Johannes_B» Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:45 pm. You are trying to run pdflatex in DVI-mode, where only eps figures are allowed. Search for regular pdflatex in your editor and its buttons.

Comme j'avais déjà WinEdt, j'ai copié en TeXnic Center un fichier de WinEdt avec une image. Je précise que cela imprime très bien avec WinEdt. Or TeXnicCenter m'affiche, à la compilation, comme seule erreur le message que j'ai mis dans le titre: Code: Tout sélectionner LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic (no BoundingBox). Jun 19, 2013 · The engine isn't really built to gather all the necessary size and scale information from JPGs. It is often better to take the JPEG and convert it into a PDF (on a mac) or EPS (on a PC). GraphicsConvertor on a mac will do that for you easily. Whereas a PDF includes DPI and size, a JPEG has only a size in terms of pixels.

LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic in ファイル.png (no BoundingBox). ってでる。 LaTeXでpdfやpngの挿入が上手くいかないので,調べてみたら.xbbファイル(バウンディングボックスの情報を記述するらしい)を生成するためのextractbbを自動的に実行するコマンドの設定. In case you have a peculiar eps file which contains a BoundingBox comment but, for some reason, graphicx cannot read it, you can try searching your file. Do this either by opening the file in a text editor or by using something like the grep command.