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Seventy-seven years ago today, Oregon’s Minoru Yasui defied the government's curfew on Japanese Americans in a brave act of civil disobedience at the start of World War II. May 23, 2019 · "It is possible to read the Court's opinion in [past pornography cases] in a variety of ways. In saying this, I imply no criticism of the Court, which, in those cases, was faced with the task of trying to define what may be indefinable.

Oct 22, 2005 · Two recent Oregon Supreme Court cases demonstrate the American Civil Liberties Union’s commitment to the pornography industry, claims an . Jan 05, 2018 · Because the purpose of criminalizing child pornography is to protect the “physiological, emotional, and mental health of the child” victim, they are not the same as bans on adult pornography. Therefore, child pornography bans are allowable under the First Amendment.But what about when there is no victim? In 2002, in a case called Ashcroft v.Author: Teresa Nelson.

ACLU Foundation of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona; Mathew dos Santos, ACLU Foundation of Oregon Inc., Portland, Oregon; for Amici Curiae American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of Northern Californi a, ACLU of Arizona, ACLU of Hawai‘i, and ACLU of Oregon. feminists for our First Amendment stand on pornography. 3. Why does the ACLU support cross burning? The ACLU condemns all forms of racism. However, the ACLU does believe that in some specific cases, the First Amendment protects the burning of a cross. People have the right to be bigots and to make extreme, symbolic statements of their bigotry.