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A black snake with an orange belly is most likely a ringneck snake. Ringneck snakes can vary in color, from tan to almost black, and they have a yellow or orange underbelly and a . Florida's Snakes Ring-necked Snake (Diadophis punctatus) NON-VENOMOUS Solid-colored. Ring-necked Snake. Photo by Dr. Steve A. Johnson. This photo may not be used for any purpose without the express written permission of the photographer.. Size.

Online Guide to Florida Snakes. Identify a Florida Snake; Visual Guide to Florida Snakes; black, brown, tan, orange, yellow, gray, blue or green, without any markings. On some species the color may be darker on the head and neck and become lighter on the back part of the body. Black Swamp Snake (Seminatrix pygeae) Eastern Smooth Earth. 9.20.2006 - The Florida Ringneck Snake is one of the most commonly removed nuisance snakes in the state of Florida. Of course, it's as harmless as an earthworm. The reason I encounter this snake so often is because it is not only common, but small - and thus it .

The most common snakes with black and orange coloring are orange-striped ribbonsnakes, corn snakes and ringneck snakes. These species are all nonvenomous and harmless to humans. Ribbonsnakes have orange to yellow stripes running the length of their bodies. Florida Pine: This is a snake known by many other names and just a few you might have encountered are - bull snake, black and white snake, common pine snake, chicken snake, eastern bull snake and even white gopher snake. With a tall and pointed head and red / brown / black blocks of color over a lighter shade, they can look pretty intimidating.