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Laser Paint Stripping, Laser Cleaning and Coating Removal Solutions. Laser Paint Stripping, Laser Cleaning and Coating Removal Solutions. Home; Our pulse-by-pulse closed-loop control technology uses powerful off-the-shelf industrial lasers to strip coatings quickly and safely. Our color-selective workhead allows stripping directly to the. The ability to provide rapid laser paint stripping and laser surface cleaning is a true game-changer for all industries. Strip to the bare surface without marring or missing any detail. A laser de-painted surface is clean, residue-free and ready for resurfacing in powder coating or metal plating.

paint stripping on large surfaces. cleanLASER portable systems designed to remove paint from steel structures, such as ships, bridges, power transmission towers, and large equipment. The laser process can be used to remove weather top coats finishes, enabling fresh new coatings to be applied over suitable base coat layers. The lasers operate simultaneously to automatically strip rotor blades. Once the rotor blade is secured in the fixture, the system requires no human intervention or observation. The system is designed to strip coatings from rotor blades of H-53 and H-60 helicopters used by the US Navy and US Marine Corps.

May 31, 2011 · No doubt about it: EWI gets involved in some pretty cool stuff. Check out this video of laser paint stripping demo. It’s a new patent-pending polygon laser scanner, part of a high-speed, large-scale depaint system EWI developed in partnership with folks at SwRI and Wayne Trails Technologies. In demos, the system produced the highest paint [ ]. Versatile Laser Machines. With this laser wire stripping technology, users can resolve the issue of mechanical or thermal wire stripping caused by oxidize or other damage of wire/cable cores, ensured 100% guaranteed long-term safety of high reliability equipment or device.