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May 29, 2019 · Dance #LikeNina. Actress and fitness enthusiast Nina Dobrev collaborated with Reebok and the Les Mills team for this video. The result is a hip-hop inspired, 40-minute workout Author: Jessica Timmons. At the end, we'll link all the moves together into a sexy routine that looks more like a music video than a workout. Our sexy striptease moves takes plain old aerobics to a whole new level! All exercise should be this fun. After the Booty Beat™ routine we cool it down and lean up those muscles with Sexy Stretch.

Jan 06, 2011 · And today’s post does that just: Separates the best dance DVDs from the “eh” and “meh” ones. Read on for the top 10 dance workout DVDs we’ve ever reviewed! 10 Best Dance Workout DVDs. 1. So You Think You Can Dance’s Get Fit Series: Tone and Groove: Hands down, our all-time favorite dance DVD. I love it when a DVD lives up to its. Popping your Tae-Bo DVD into the player for another day of working out at home may not appeal to you, as the videos can be repetitive and boring after a while. The good news: there are sexy workout videos to help you get your blood pumping – and not just to your muscles! If you want to actually enjoy the home workout you’re doing, check out the sexiest workout music video playlist:Author: Helen Sanders.