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Meters and Test Equipment. Test your station equipment with ham radio meters and test equipment from DX Engineering! We’ve got everything you need, including SWR/wattmeters and dummy loads from industry leaders like Diamond and MFJ. Our selection includes oil-filled, fan-cooled, and air-cooled dummy loads to safely handle transmitter power as well as. Every amateur radio station should be provided with the following minimal test equipment: A frequency-measuring instrument accurate to within 10 Hz. An RF power meter capable of measuring forward and reflected power, or power and VSWR. An accurate digital multimeter (with a high-voltage probe for safe measurement of voltages above 500V).

Mar 11, 2018 · Since June 2012, my professional activity is centered around radio communication and I have started my own company, AGVradio. My hobbies. My main activity during the last years has been fixing Amateur Radio equipment. To do that, I also buy and fix test equipment . Radio shack butane soldering iron: 2 5.0 11-Jul-2008 $$10 Radio Shack heavy duty 230/150 watt soldering iron: 1 5.0 17-May-2008 $29.95 Radio Shack Soldering Stations: 13 2.6 09-Nov-2010.

Suggested Test Equipment for the New Ham: (Again, not presented in any particular order of importance) 1. SWR/POWER METER. I refer to an external swr/power meter. Yes, you may have a built in unit in your radio, but how do you know it is accurate? Homebrew Test equipment This page is a compilation of links that describes test equipment built by experimenters and amateur radio enthusiasts. The rights belongs to their respectives authors.