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cleaning vintage aluminum tray - HOW TO CLEAN & RESTORE ANTIQUE METAL WARE

However, there's no reason to get rid of tarnished or dirty aluminum. Uniquely designed antique pressed trays are perfect for serving desserts or appetizers to guests and can be restored to look like new inexpensively with homemade cleaning products. Most aluminum cleaners are acidic so be sure to protect your skin when restoring your trays. Cleaning Aluminum Thrift Finds Hi everyone! There are a lot of different resources out on the web that tell you how to clean aluminum. Check them out if my methods don't work for you. You transformed your pretty aluminum trays into something even prettier, Diann. Thanks for the very helpful tips in cleaning.

Hammered aluminum is often found on old decorative pieces. People often think that aluminum does not tarnish or corrode, but it can and does. Cleaning and polishing aluminum. How to Clean a Hand Wrought Aluminum Tray How to Clean a Hand Wrought Aluminum Tray (7 Steps) | . Table of Contents:You Will NeedSteps to Clean and Polish AluminumAdditional Tips and Ideas advertisement Sandy asked: I have many aluminum platters and trays from the 1940s. How do I clean them to get rid of the tarnish without scratching them? These pieces were given as wedding gifts and were considered to be poor man’s silver.

The collectible aluminum pieces I find are usually just suffering from a little kitchen grime. The easiest way I’ve found to clean them is to just spray them with an orange cleaner. Spray it on then just let it soak for a few minutes. In a moment your vintage aluminum serving pieces should rinse off shiny and bright. How to Clean Aluminum Trays. If your aluminum trays seem discolored from wear or you have heat stains, cleaning them is the only solution. Aluminum trays are often used for a party or other social gathering. They get dirty and dingy rather quickly. After the party, you may not feel like washing all the cookware or serving trays and then they sit at.